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Nosocomial infection represents (at European level) 5 million cases, 135,000 deaths with a cost between 13 and 24 billion euros. iTECare is a startup dedicated to develop, produce and distribute ecological disinfection solutions facilitating decontamination, ensuring employee safety, reassuring clients and avoiding new outbreaks • UV-C desinfection lamps able to sterilize in 2 minutes (instead of 20 minutes) an hospital room, hotel room, a meeting room, an office, a cloths shop. The UV-C lamp emits very useful ultraviolet radiation at the wavelength of 253.7 nm, which destroys the DNA & ...

BioOrg eliminate the virus on surfaces and weaken spreading

BioOrg is a natural ecosystem initially destined to purify indoor air quality and facilitate natural cleaning. It is made of bacteria naturally present in our forest. No allergens, no additives except perfume for a safe use in all environment. Very simple : fine spraying in indoor spaces (buildings, vehicles, homes) will create a natural ecosystem. Bacteria in the solution will digest fine particles (aggressive to the lungs and carrier of COVID-19), solvants, and other indoor polluters. Bacillius bacteria are known for years to dry out surfaces by digesting biomass, thus creating a hostil...

Xcope - Corona-Home-Control

The project is to develop an app that allows people to communicate with quarantined doctors. So you don't have to leave home if you have symptoms of a coronavirus and don't infect other people. We are building a stethoscope for the smartphone so that they can auscultate their lungs and also send it to their doctor. If we have enough data, we can also build machine learning or deep learning models to automatically detect when the coronavirus is causing pneumonia (then it becomes dangerous). This allowed people to be treated at home and only go to a hospital if the disease worsened.

Innovative end-to-end solution for respiratory diseases detection and genotyping

Our innovative end-to-end solution for respiratory diseases detection and genotyping is composed of 3 main compoenets as follows: First, we want, through a multiplex qPCR assay, to target and differentiate in priority COVID-19, SARS, H5N1, H1N1 (devastating diseases) from seasonal flu (under control). Second, we propose to develop an NGS and SANGER assay for the following Intended uses: Respiratory diseases Genotyping, Screening, Monitoring, Quasispecies identification, Epidemiological studies. Third, we target to establish a large COVID-19 and SARS worldwide database , compare patient ...

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