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CardioCube: COVID AI-driven conversational agent

CardioCube COVID enables virtual care for patients with coronavirus and quarantined individuals using AI-driven conversational agents deployed on smartphones and smart speakers. Automatic forward triage system allows to multiply healthcare provider's workforce increasing patients and providers safety thorough physical distancing. CardioCube COVID will include following modules: 1. Clinical Follow-Up - periodically, using mobile or voice interface, user answers a set of clinical questions to evaluate the health status at home. CardioCube red-flags patients/quarantined individuals at-r...

Xcope - Corona-Home-Control

The project is to develop an app that allows people to communicate with quarantined doctors. So you don't have to leave home if you have symptoms of a coronavirus and don't infect other people. We are building a stethoscope for the smartphone so that they can auscultate their lungs and also send it to their doctor. If we have enough data, we can also build machine learning or deep learning models to automatically detect when the coronavirus is causing pneumonia (then it becomes dangerous). This allowed people to be treated at home and only go to a hospital if the disease worsened.


In December 2019, the Wuhan Municipal Health Committee identified an outbreak of viral pneumonia cases of unknown cause. Coronavirus RNA was quickly identified in some of these patients. This novel coronavirus has been designated SARS-CoV-2, and the disease caused by this virus has been designated COVID-19. Currently there are no approved therapeutic agents available for coronaviruses. The purpose of this trial is to provide substantial evidence on the efficacy and safety of the treatment of selected COVID-19 patients with plasma obtained from convalescent COVID-19 patients ('PLASMA').

COVAMBU: Multi-centre, adaptive, randomized trial of the safety and efficacy of treatments of COV...

The purpose of this Multi-centre, adaptive, randomized trial is to provide substantial evidence on the efficacy, or lack of efficacy and safety of treatments available in Luxembourg, given to COVID-19 positive-testing-patients who do not yet require hospitalization. Efficacy will be assessed through virological response and clinical outcomes.

Innovative end-to-end solution for respiratory diseases detection and genotyping

Our innovative end-to-end solution for respiratory diseases detection and genotyping is composed of 3 main compoenets as follows: First, we want, through a multiplex qPCR assay, to target and differentiate in priority COVID-19, SARS, H5N1, H1N1 (devastating diseases) from seasonal flu (under control). Second, we propose to develop an NGS and SANGER assay for the following Intended uses: Respiratory diseases Genotyping, Screening, Monitoring, Quasispecies identification, Epidemiological studies. Third, we target to establish a large COVID-19 and SARS worldwide database , compare patient ...

Prophylaxis: Chloroquine or hydroxychloroquine prevention of COVID-19 disease for caregivers in L...

The aim of this clinical trial is to determine if prophylactic chloroquine or hydroxychloroquine prevents symptomatic COVID-19 illness health care workers in Luxembourg. The secondary objectives include: • Attenuation of the clinical severity of COVID-19 infections. • The prevention of asymptomatic COVID-19. • The prevention of symptomatic all-cause acute respiratory illnesses (ARI).

Preventing fatal complications of COVID-19 with novel SkQ1 treatment

Accumulating evidence suggests that a subgroup of patients with severe COVID-19 might have a cytokine storm syndrome that leads to hyperinflammation of their lung tissue. Challenge is how to interrupt this hyperinflammation without critically suppressing immune system. SkQ1 compound developed by Mitotech SA (Luxembourg) has shown to interrupt cytokine storm in animal models and may be irreplaceable in preventing fatalities in COVID-19.

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