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Covid-19 Detection by Cough and Voice Analysis (CDCVA)

Emergency service hospital center receives a huge number of calls in epidemic period, among these calls there are critical cases that need rapid intervention, it may be delayed to answer these cases. Therefore, we suggest a solution by giving an indication of health status of the person calling directly when hearing his voice and cough. This indicator depends on finding a degree of correspondence between the caller's voice, cough signatures and that of certain patients with the Covid-19 virus. The solution proposed by CDCVA project can also be used effectively by health professionals for re...

COVoiceID - Identification of COVID-19 from Voice

COVoiceID project proposes a machine learning based system that will use patient's voice and cough to detect repeating patterns, with the aim to discriminate between voices of healthy individuals and COVID-19 patients. COVID-19 is a respiratory condition, affecting breathing and voice, and causing, among other symptoms, dry cough, sore throat, excessively breathy voice and typical breathing patterns. These are all conditions that can make patients' voice distinctive, creating recognizable voice signatures. The ability to successfully identify COVID-19 patients from their voice will heavily...

Privacy Preserving Covid-19 Data Analytics Platform

The COVID-19 pandemic comes with an urgent need of exchanging confidential patient information among local and regional health organizations. Sharing knowledge is crucial for disease surveillance, protecting public health, fighting misinformation and managing the virus outbreak. Medical service providers are required to disclose facts about admissions, transfers and discharges to various entities like the patient's primary care practitioner and post-acute-care services providers. The dissemination of patients' medical records is subject to malicious activities. Most of the current sol...

Real-time Social Distancing Analysis

The idea of this project is to analyse if the Social Distancing measures decided by the government are being respected by the general population. To do so we propose to analyse anonymised video data in the City of Luxembourg.

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