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Detection Covid19 patients rapidly using cough and voice analyses

Emergency service hospital center receives a huge number of calls in epidemic period, among these calls there are critical cases that need rapid intervention, it may be delayed to answer these cases. Therefore, we suggest a solution by giving an indication of the health status of the person calling directly when hearing his voice and cough. This indicator depends on finding a degree of correspondence between the caller's voice, cough signatures and that of certain patients with the COVID-19 virus. This solution can also be used effectively by health professionals for remote consultations in...

DAPASOL - LIST Data Analytics Platform as a Service for Covid 19 crisis Solutions

The project wants to maximise the use of relevant data to manage the COVID 19 crisis by building an infrastructure that supports collaboration and alleviates most technical obstacles linked to data management, including: - data processing (acquisition, storage, curation, harvesting, descriptive analysis, e.g. trend, noise vs information, outliers, etc., or visualisation); - integration of data with other available sources, including from the public domain, data lakes or from partners and external contributors; - providing access to LIST Data analytics Platform and services in an incremen...

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