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Spark Project- Sharing cultural Heritage

An invitation to individual and community to share a component of their culture through a short web post. It will help people who receive it to open themselves to other realities. A recurring post proposiition will create a feeling of journey by staying in quarantine. It will help to soft better the current hard time. In some way to give hope in the future and refrain fearing the stranger.

Development of a MS-based COVID19 test

The project aims on developing an alternative test for the detection of corona virae based on proteomic methods. The advatage of the use of proteins is that the samples do not have to be cooled and can be transported at room temperature to the analytical lab.

Controling the symptoms

Since the information about the COVID-19 pandemic isn't that much available. The easiest and fastest way to mitigate the virus is by controlling the symptoms.

Connection and Awareness Mobile Toolkit

At short-medium term, a mobile App for citizens coupled to an application (mobile or not) to be used by medical authorities and healthcare professionals, based on geolocation and contact tracking. At a longer term, a digital twin simulating social contacts and potentially tools for optimizing movements of persons.

export results as excel

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