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Occupational Sorting of Employees after the Lockdown

In this project we ask the following research question: What is the impact of COVID-19 lockdown on workers' sectoral and occupational allocation, wage inequality and unemployment across European regions and countries? Our goal is to quantify the labor market implications of partial annihilation of selected sectors of economic activity. By simulating scenarios of different degree of severity, we compute changes in workers' assignment to jobs, unemployment measures, and final production across sectors of regional and national economies. Our study is targeted at identifying those segments of l...

Distributional impact of the COVID-19 Crisis

The project aims to assess the costs and distributional implications of the COVID-19 outbreak in Luxembourg. It will identify those most likely to suffer from income losses, leading to more effective/efficient targeting of income support measures and improved cost estimates of COVID-19. The lack of timely available data constrains the estimation of the scale and direction of recent changes in the income distribution, which in turn constrain policymakers seeking to monitor such developments. There are huge uncertainties about the budgetary costs and distributional impacts of the outbreak....

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