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Protection against Infection through regulatory law - ProLaw

The pandemic spread of the SARS-Cov-2 virus hit the states of liberal democracies unprepared. Medicine lacks both drugs and clinically tested vaccines, and the health system as such quickly proved to be structurally overburdened. Above all, the democratic constitutional states of the West were not legally prepared for the pandemic. In Luxembourg, the measures to contain the virus were initially based on a law dating from 1885, before the regulation of 18 March 2020 was introduced as a legal basis with reference to the establishment of the 'Etat de Crise' in accordance with Art. 32.4 of the ...

LEGAFIGHT: Legally Fighting Covid-19

Our project proposes a strategic assessment of the current needs of the Luxembourg society and of the existing legal framework to be respected both at the EU and domestic level (compliance with the GDPR) to fight the spreading of the virus in order to produce a comprehensive and precise understanding of the actual situation. It will also consider the already existing legal measures taken by foreign legislatures. It aims, as a first step, to provide the Luxembourg with a specifically socially and ethically tailored legal regime to fight the spreading of the virus, leading to the drafting of ...

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