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#covid19 - History and collective memory in the making on social media

#covid19 - History and collective memory in the making (short title : #covid19) aims at observing, analyzing and understanding the history and collective memory 'in the making' of a global and 'total' event, i.e. the worldwide covid19 crisis. The project will be based on several datasets (see below, the 'source' section) from different social media platform. Among the research questions that will be asked, three of them will be of particular interest: • What is the role of the (non-)memory of previous historical events in the way people respond to this pandemic? • How do people ad...

History in the Making: #covidmemory

The COVID-19 pandemic is a global crisis, but its local impact on Luxembourg will be determined in part by how people memorialise its effects in the moment, and how they will remember it later. Luxembourg declared a state of emergency on 18 March which dramatically reshaped public and private life. Schools, businesses and shops are closed. Students stay home and learn online. New rules govern home workers and cross-border commuters. With no end yet in sight, it is already clear that we are experiencing an extraordinary moment in the collective memory of Luxembourg. With the online platform ...

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