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DAPASOL - LIST Data Analytics Platform as a Service for Covid 19 crisis Solutions

The project wants to maximise the use of relevant data to manage the COVID 19 crisis by building an infrastructure that supports collaboration and alleviates most technical obstacles linked to data management, including: - data processing (acquisition, storage, curation, harvesting, descriptive analysis, e.g. trend, noise vs information, outliers, etc., or visualisation); - integration of data with other available sources, including from the public domain, data lakes or from partners and external contributors; - providing access to LIST Data analytics Platform and services in an incremen...

Visual Public Protection Disaster Relief and Critical Infrastructure

The aim of the Visual PCI project is to develop an IT platform to assist crisis managers and critical infrastructure planners. The platform will provide a new approach to risk assessment and will visually present the essential elements of Public Protection and Disaster Recovery (PPDR) resources and the Critical Infrastructure (CI) functions as required by crisis management and Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) and planning. Real time data input will provide situational awareness. Simulations will support planning and crisis management by considering population behaviour as well as de...

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