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PICC4COVID is an SaaS solution providing actionable knowledge for practitioners and researchers in medical and bioscience fields. By using semantic BERT AI analysis, it build an augmented knowledge map extracted from reports, research papaers and so on. Imagine if Italian physicians had had access to all accumulated knowledge right at the beginning of the crisis! PICC Software enable physicians and researchers to access actionable knowledge for resolved problems identified by the healthcare and research community.

Privacy Preserving Covid-19 Data Analytics Platform

The COVID-19 pandemic comes with an urgent need of exchanging confidential patient information among local and regional health organizations. Sharing knowledge is crucial for disease surveillance, protecting public health, fighting misinformation and managing the virus outbreak. Medical service providers are required to disclose facts about admissions, transfers and discharges to various entities like the patient's primary care practitioner and post-acute-care services providers. The dissemination of patients' medical records is subject to malicious activities. Most of the current sol...

Responsible AI for Anonymity Preserving Self Evaluation, Reporting and Support System

COVID-19 emergence is affecting personal and communities lives, and also requests for actions to address and reduce such impacts currently and in the future. Complex measures to protect vulnerable individuals, and to support them and law enforcement for the benefit of communities play critical roles in public well-being. Information technologies therefore become critical resources in keeping the balance between surveillance and monitoring while preserving privacy and providing support. This project proposal addresses the need to develop and demonstrate responsible and beneficial collection ...

DAPASOL - LIST Data Analytics Platform as a Service for Covid 19 crisis Solutions

The project wants to maximise the use of relevant data to manage the COVID 19 crisis by building an infrastructure that supports collaboration and alleviates most technical obstacles linked to data management, including: - data processing (acquisition, storage, curation, harvesting, descriptive analysis, e.g. trend, noise vs information, outliers, etc., or visualisation); - integration of data with other available sources, including from the public domain, data lakes or from partners and external contributors; - providing access to LIST Data analytics Platform and services in an incremen...

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