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PICC4COVID is an SaaS solution providing actionable knowledge for practitioners and researchers in medical and bioscience fields. By using semantic BERT AI analysis, it build an augmented knowledge map extracted from reports, research papaers and so on. Imagine if Italian physicians had had access to all accumulated knowledge right at the beginning of the crisis! PICC Software enable physicians and researchers to access actionable knowledge for resolved problems identified by the healthcare and research community.

Public application for travel optimization on the territory

The Covid-19 pandemic brought a large number of territories to confine populations in order to slow the spread of the virus. On a daily basis, the need of the population to be able to anticipate their (rare) trips according to the expected attendance has already been expressed. We propose the creation of a web and mobile application allowing to display the frequentation and the concentration of population in the form of dashboards and interactive maps. Based on generic geolocation data from local telephone operators, the information would indicate to the user the areas with little / no traf...

ACTING NoW (A Control Tower for the early detectIoN of distress in loGistics NetWorks and essenti...

The overall goal of the project is to assess and monitor the performance of logistics networks and supply chains in Luxembourg to spot early signals of distress during the current crisis and future ones (new lockdowns caused by COVID-19, and other unforeseen situations). Two surveys designed by the WP13 of the Luxembourg COVID-19 task force under the leadership of LCL and LIST are being launched as we speak to collect qualitative data on the performance of logistics networks and essential supply chains. These surveys will be administered using a platform provided by Incert, in the full re...


Tracking and data management: The project is to develop a method for monitoring, identifying, and predicting geographical clusters in which the coronavirus is prevalent and will likely spread, by tracking symptoms throughout Luxembourg.

StaySafe Luxembourg

A sensor-activated, community-driven app to speed up COVID-19 contact tracing and help decrease the spread of the virus while being GDPR compliant. It enables the government to identify possible cases more effectively and provide real-time communication.

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