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ACTING NoW (A Control Tower for the early detectIoN of distress in loGistics NetWorks and essenti...

The overall goal of the project is to assess and monitor the performance of logistics networks and supply chains in Luxembourg to spot early signals of distress during the current crisis and future ones (new lockdowns caused by COVID-19, and other unforeseen situations). Two surveys designed by the WP13 of the Luxembourg COVID-19 task force under the leadership of LCL and LIST are being launched as we speak to collect qualitative data on the performance of logistics networks and essential supply chains. These surveys will be administered using a platform provided by Incert, in the full re...

inhibition of inflammation

Acute lung injury is a therapeutically high unmet need indication caused by uncontrolled inflammation with high expression of mediators to promote inflammation, called cytokines. If not reversed, it leads to acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) as major reason for death in patients with COVID-19. Nekonal validated specific acting compounds and biomarkers to detect and stopp uncontrolled hyperimmune activation at early stage.

Xcope - Corona-Home-Control

The project is to develop an app that allows people to communicate with quarantined doctors. So you don't have to leave home if you have symptoms of a coronavirus and don't infect other people. We are building a stethoscope for the smartphone so that they can auscultate their lungs and also send it to their doctor. If we have enough data, we can also build machine learning or deep learning models to automatically detect when the coronavirus is causing pneumonia (then it becomes dangerous). This allowed people to be treated at home and only go to a hospital if the disease worsened.


SĀGE is a platform that welcomes retirees to the gig economy by having them teach from their expertise to the community around them, bringing meaning and purpose to their lives, and helping many financially as well. In the last few weeks, we've adapted our model and brought our service online; sāges teaching virtual classes through zoom.


In a nutshell: Communication4Care (Com4Care) is a cloud-based communication platform to facilitate GDPR conform interoperability and link of relevant (sensor) data with structured patient-related information. No data files need to be exchanged and the platform provides a secure data storage and (real time or asynchronous) communication channel. Thus, improved standardized data acquisition, process monitoring, and data interpretation are possible. The patient can collect and report individual findings and outcomes (PROMs) and 'distribution of information' or sending of data files (electronic...


Arspectra's Augmented Reality glasses are modified in order to detect fever - the primary symptom of Covid19 infection - on distance. It enables the healthcare personnel organizing the overload of potential patients while staying at safe distances. It allows police forces, or airport security personnel to immediately detect a case of fever at airport, border, station, and public controls. These professionals are at the frontline fighting the spread of the epidemics, yet represent 30 % of the overall people getting infected. Providing detection on safe distance ARVIR reduces their ris...

Project SugarBuddy

We propose the creation of an automated real time monitoring service, for people with diabetes, that reacts in case of emergency and alerts the designated medical or social care teams via sms/e-mail allowing them to contact directly the patients via phone or video conference. As result of the covid-19 confinement measures and being one of the groups at risk, people suffering from diabetes (especially the elderly and people living alone) might become over isolated and prone to emergency situations due to the lack of support.

Digoxin in COVID-19 combination therapy

Providing Digoxin to be incorporated in clinical trials that test combination of drugs, to to assess the benefits of Digoxin in treating COVID-19.

export results as excel

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