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Coronajhemp: A COVID-19 Superhero For Luxembourg

The goal of this project is to enable quick access to trustworthy information and provide the Luxembourgish population with virtual assistance on topics related to COVID-19, towards the use of a chatbot. Moreover, a chatbot will help reduce the spread of wrong information among the population and relieve the existing governmental hotline for elder people. Users will be able to ask simple questions such as 'What are the symptoms of COVID-19?' or more subtle concerns like 'Where can I get tested?'. The chatbot could also be used to perform a quick diagnosis and assist the user with requesting...

Real-time Social Distancing Analysis

The idea of this project is to analyse if the Social Distancing measures decided by the government are being respected by the general population. To do so we propose to analyse anonymised video data in the City of Luxembourg.

MC19: Early Detection of Epidemics and Health Status Prediction Using Intelligent Wireless Body Sensors

MyelinS, a Luxembourgish startup (LLC in the incorporation phase) is proposing a novel solution for early detection of epidemics (particularly Covid-19), health status daily analysis, and prediction of critical health situations caused by the virus without any direct medical intervention, avoiding thereby any risk of transmission of the virus to the healthcare workers, as well as to healthy people. Unlike any existing solutions, the proposed detection and prediction system is non-invasive (on mobile phones), accurate, and rapid (detection in less than 1.5 minutes). The proposed solution ...

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