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Effect of the Pandemic on Air and Maritime traffic and the Atmosphere (EPAMA)

We will use existing databases to study the effect of the Covid-19 pandemic onto air and maritime traffic and consequently onto the atmosphere. Through this, the socio-economic and environmental impact of the disease can be better understood. This help to prepare for the future. In addition, it helps to understand what impact traffic has onto the atmosphere.

The role of air pollution in transmission and severity of COVID-19

Based on superficial inspection and anecdotal evidence, there appears to be a close correlation between being a hotspot area for COVID-19 prevalence or severity on one hand and air pollution on the other hand. For instance, the highest COVID-19 prevalence region in Italy (Lombardy) is also one of the most polluted areas of the country. This apparent correlation has led some researchers to hypothesise that air pollution may play a causal role in increasing COVID-19 transmission and severity. While such a link is plausible, as COIV-19 is a respiratory disease and as there are well-established...

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