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DECORUM: Distribution of ECOnomic impacts and Recovery Under covid19 induced Market restrictions

Given the sudden disruption in market activity arising from quarantine of labour due to the covid19 pandemic, it is imperative to investigate the economic impacts and the possible means of a speedy recovery. The disruption of national and global supply chains has had an impact on the demand. Certain products have seen a surge in demand (especially necessities and medical supplies) while other commodities have dropped out of reckoning as they are relatively lower in the priority list in this meltdown. It is of paramount importance to keep economic activity operating to ensure the welfare of ...

Distributional impact of the COVID-19 Crisis

The project aims to assess the costs and distributional implications of the COVID-19 outbreak in Luxembourg. It will identify those most likely to suffer from income losses, leading to more effective/efficient targeting of income support measures and improved cost estimates of COVID-19. The lack of timely available data constrains the estimation of the scale and direction of recent changes in the income distribution, which in turn constrain policymakers seeking to monitor such developments. There are huge uncertainties about the budgetary costs and distributional impacts of the outbreak....

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