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COVoiceID - Identification of COVID-19 from Voice

COVoiceID project proposes a machine learning based system that will use patient's voice and cough to detect repeating patterns, with the aim to discriminate between voices of healthy individuals and COVID-19 patients. COVID-19 is a respiratory condition, affecting breathing and voice, and causing, among other symptoms, dry cough, sore throat, excessively breathy voice and typical breathing patterns. These are all conditions that can make patients' voice distinctive, creating recognizable voice signatures. The ability to successfully identify COVID-19 patients from their voice will heavily...

COVID19 Literature Bio-Curation, Text-mining and Semantic Web Technologies

The world wide scientific response to COVID-19 pandemic is reflected in the ever-growing scientific literature. Enriching our current knowledge base (https://biokb.lcsb.uni.lu) with these publications requires joint efforts at each stage of the chain of process involved in the text-mining pipeline. This pipeline comprises several challenging tasks such as part-of-speech tagging, entity recognition and normalisation, or event extraction, which are essential to discover relevant knowledge in the form of entities, relations and events. Such knowledge is then made available to the public via se...

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